Experimental astroparticle physics is the central focus of my research interests, in particular my current scientific activity concentrates on rare-event particle physics and the development of advanced cryogenic detection techniques for a next-generation experiment in the field of direct dark matter search.
Dark matter is a main ingredient of the cosmos, its nature however is still in the dark. At present, after enormous progress in direct dark matter searches, the situation of this key question of today’s particle physics is controversial: The DAMA/LIBRA experiment observes an annual modulation signal at high confidence matching the expectation for dark matter. In the so-called standard scenario, however, the DAMA/LIBRA signal claim is incompatible with the null-results of numerous other direct dark matter searches.
COSINUS, the project under my leadership which started 2016 with a grant financed by INFN, aims to develop scintillating cryogenic calorimeters operated at milli-Kelvin temperatures and based on sodium iodide crystals, the same material as used by DAMA. The COSINUS technology presents a unique way of disentangling this long-standing discrepancy in the field of direct dark matter detection.

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  • Academic Title: Dr. rer. nat.
  • Keywords: Direct Dark Matter Detection, Rare event search, Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay

  • Previous positions:
    • Postdoc @ GSSI - L'Aquila - Italy
  • • Postdoc @ LNGS-INFN - Assergi -Italy
  • • PhD @ Max-Planck-Institute for Physics - Munich - Germany