DI MARTINO Beniamino

Beniamino Di Martino is full professor at the Università della Campania “Luigi Vanvitelli” (formerly Seconda Università di Napoli), Naples, where he is also vice-chair of the Department of Industrial Engineering. Previously he was researcher at the Institute for Software Technology and Parallel Systems, University of Vienna (1995-1998), as well as assistant professor (1998-2002) and associate professor (2002-2005) at the Seconda Università di Napoli. Beniamino Di Martino has published 12 books and over 300 refereed scientific papers, including more than 80 journal papers. His research interests include models, paradigms, languages and advanced programming environments for distributed systems, Cloud, Big Data, Edge and IoT, Software Engineering and Program Comprehension, Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services, Natural Language Processing, Big Data Analytics, Deep Learning, Knowledge Engineering, Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence. He is editor or associate editor of seven scientific journals (including IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing) and was member of the Executive Board of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Supercomputing Applications (IEEE-TCSA), and Vice Chair of the Executive Board of the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Scalable Computing (IEEE-TCSC). He is member of the IEEE Standardization Working group on Cloud Interoperability, of the IEEE Technical Committees on Scalable Computing (TCSC), on Big Data (TCBD), of the Cloud Standards Customer Council, and of the Cloud Computing Experts Group of the European Union.