URSO Giulia

Giulia is currently a post-doctoral research fellow at GSSI. She holds a Ph.D. in Historical, geographical and international relations studies (field: Landscape, Environment and Territory between management of local resources and integration processes - Geography) from the University of Salento. She was lecturer at the Faculty of Educational, Political and Social Sciences - University of Salento for the teaching courses “Geography” and “Global Cities”. She was visiting Professor at Ghent University – Department of Geography, Social and Economic Geography (SEG) in 2014.

She has participated in some national and EU projects mainly dealing with sustainable tourism and enhancement of cultural heritage and she is involved in several multidisciplinary research projects. Her research interests are diverse, and include local effects of the promotion of cultural activities, tourism, social capital and place identity. She has particularly dealt with culture as a crucial asset for places and cities and with its role in fostering their socio-economic regeneration.

More particularly, she investigated the multiple territorial impacts connected to cultural and creative activities, events, cinema, cultural tourism and the efficacy of cultural policies (within the framework of strategic planning and urban governance). At GSSI her research focuses on the study of urban-rural interactions and local development of rural, mountainous and remote areas.

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