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Quantum Meeeting at GSSI: from many particle systems to quantum fluids

The International Workshop “From Many Particle System to Quantum Fluids” will be held at the GSSI- Gran Sasso Science Institute in L’Aquila from November 28th to December 1st.

Registration is now open till November 18th 2018.

The workshop aims at providing an overview of different research lines in Quantum Mechanics at the crossroad between Mathematical Physics and Analysis. It is mainly intended for PhD students and young researchers.

It will consist of three short courses, accompanied by invited talks from selected participants and a session dedicated to contributed talks. In addition to the main courses (4 hours each) and the invited talks, there will be a contributed talks session on November 30.

An excursion in the surroundings of L'Aquila will be organized at the conclusion of the workshop.

Lecturers: Rémi Carles (CNRS & Université de Rennes 1), Nicolas Rougerie (CNRS & Université Grenoble-Alpes), Juan J. L. Velàzquez (University of Bonn).

Speakers: Carlo Barenghi (Newcastle University); Iacopo Carusotto (INO-CNR BEC Center & University of Trento); Marco Falconi (University of Tübingen); Evelyne Miot-Desecures (CNRS & Université Grenoble-Alpes); Marcin Napiórkowski (University of Warsaw); Renzo Ricca (University of Milano-Bicocca); Vedran Sohinger (University of Warwick).

Scientific and organizing committee: Paolo Antonelli (GSSI), Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI), Michele Correggi ("Sapienza", University of Rome) and Pierangelo Marcati (GSSI and University of L’Aquila)