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Results of the DarkSide Collaboration published on PRL

The DarkSide Collaboration article "Low Mass Dark Matter Search with the Dark-Side-50 Experiment" has recently been published on Physical Review Letters and was selected as “Editor’s Suggestion”.

The article presents the results of a search for dark matter weakly interacting massive particles (WIMPs) in the mass range below 20  GeV/c2 using a target of low-radioactivity argon with a 6786.0 kg d exposure. The data were obtained using the DarkSide-50 apparatus at Laboratori Nazionali del Gran Sasso. The analysis is based on the ionization signal, for which the DarkSide-50 time projection chamber is fully efficient at 0.1  keV ee. The observed rate in the detector at 0.5  keV ee is about 1.5  event / keV ee / kg / d and is almost entirely accounted for by known background sources. The researchers obtain a 90% C.L. exclusion limit above 1.8  GeV / c2 for the spin-independent cross section of dark matter WIMPs on nucleons, extending the exclusion region for dark matter below previous limits in the range 1.8–6   GeV/c2.

L’articolo della DarkSide Collaboration Low Mass Dark Matter Search with the Dark-Side-50 Experiment è stato pubblicato sul numero 121 della Physical Review Letters e figura tra i consigli dell’editore.