Tuesday, 11 April 2017 back

Eugenio Coccia elected Fellow of the European Physical Society

Eugenio Coccia, Rector of the Gran Sasso Science Institute was elected Fellow of the European Physical Society (EPS) upon nomination and evaluation by peers.

The recognition is obtained “For his contributions to the search of gravitational waves, for his engagement in the European astroparticle physics community and for his service to the society at large through the establishment of a new PhD school and Institute of advanced studies in the city of L’Aquila, Italy, contributing to relaunch the economy of the region hit by the 2009 earthquake.”

The European Physical Society (EPS) is a not for profit association whose members include 42 National Physical Societies in Europe, individuals from all fields of physics, and European research institutions. To know more about the EPS, please visit http://www.eps.org/.